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Expo 58 Atomium Brussel
Tussen droom & werkelijkheid,
2008 Lannoo & het Rijksarchief
door Gonzague Pluvinage

Gezochte catalogus over de Expo 58 naar aanleiding van de 50e verjaardag van de wereldtentoonstelling.
Met talrijke foto's en veel teksten over de voorbereidingen, de expo zelf en de betekenis van dit evenement voor de toekomst van ons land.
Tussen 17/04 en 19/10/1958 kwamen 42 miljoen bezoekers zich vergapen aan al dat fraais.
Dit boek biedt een historisch overzicht en een kijk op de veranderende maatschappij een mooie herinnering aan het België van de jaren '50.

Nieuw in verpakkingsfolie (foto is een ander geopend exemplaar)

Zachte gladde kaft
600-tal afbeeldingen

Ook beschikbaar in NL - Expo 58 Tussen droom & werkelijkheid

Aussi disponible en FR - Expo 58 - Entre utopie et réalité


Language: English

Condition: New

Pages: 208

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The Atomium in Brussels is one of the tourist highlights of Belgium and was built specifically for the World Expo in 1958. Nearly 15,000 workers spent three years building the 2 km2 site, found on the Heysel plateau, seven kilometres northwest of Brussels. The site is best known for a giant model of a unit cell of an iron crystal (each sphere representing an atom), called the Atomium, which decades later remains one of the best known landmarks of Brussels. The 1958 Expo could be said to be a reflection of a changing society and of the economical, technical and social advances towards modernity that paved the way for the age of prosperity the Western World experienced in the sixties. The Expo ran for 6 months and was visited by over 42 million people. The exhibition features archived documents, such as the plans of the 1958 Expo, typical fifties objects, films of the time showing what was going on in the aisles of the Expo, several scale models including the Civil Engineering Arrow and the Place de Brouckère information centre, which transport the visitor back to the world of 58 and the spectacle of this unique event. As a symbol of these years of optimism, Expo 58 left an idyllic picture to the Belgians of a period of hope and utopia that can be discovered or rediscovered through the exhibition. SELLING POINTS: *Celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, Expo 58 is due to be featured in an exhibition taking place in the Atomium in Brussels. This lavishly illustrated book is the official catalogue that accompanies it *A fascinating look at a period of revolution in many areas of society, this book is perfect for those who wish to be transported to an age of excitement and fresh ideas, as well as those who can remember the fair itself and the anticipation that preceded it 100 b/w + 90 colour illustrations

Expo 58 Book GB Between utopia and reality - Sabena

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